Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One day in the books : Picture Time

I have heard that many of you have requested some photos. I had a chance to look through some of my dad's work. Frankly, I don't think he has captured my stunning good looks - he should probably stick with landscapes. I have sifted through them and have given a few the axe - usually for nudity or just general birth-gross-factor. I'll take some fault in the poor pictures - I need to work on keeping both eyes open for pictures. I should also warn you that there is one image that I let slip in where I am a bit messy - so, sorry if that grosses you out, but keep in mind that I spared you some much grosser pictures that were taken slightly earlier in my lifetime (back when I was a bit younger). Dad will work on the website when he has a bit more time - but for now - click here for the photo album (My First 24 Hours). Feel free to leave comments here or in emails to my parents - I'd love to hear from you.
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Monday, September 3, 2007

I've Arrived and Life is Good

At 4:12 pm (local time) on Monday September 3rd I arrived at the Royal Hospital for Women (Those of us born here just call it "The Royal") in Sydney, Australia. I was 3015 grams and a half of a metre long. For you Americans - thats about 6 pounds, 10 ounces and almost 20 inches. Mum was awesome and we worked together to make it a very quick and easy delivery. They do things a lot different here than they do in the USA. Its that "no worries" attitude. They put me on my mum and let me lie there for a long time - we both fell asleep. Jake told me that with him - after a brief visit with my mumm they rushed him to the other side of the room for some Apgar Test and other stuff. I'm quite happy not taking any tests - mum says we need to study a lot for tests (dad said we could usually just wing it - I'll need to figure that on out on my own when I get to school). I was a little disappointed about one thing - Dad says that in America babies come with hats - not here. Oh well... dad says he'll probably buy me a few baseball caps.
I just wanted to point out a few quick things about the timing of my birth before I take another nap and drink. Yesterday in Australia it was father's day - I planned that so that I could wait 365 days (next year is leap year) til I needed to get dad a gift, but now they tell me he tries to get away with celebrating both the US and Australian fathers days - is that legal? Another bit of irony - today was "labor" day in the US - mum planned that. With that said, I was born at 2:12 am New York Time - but if we go with California time - it was actually yesterday (September 2nd). If we move to California some day - when do I celebrate my birthday? The other amazing note - look at what time I made my "coming soon" post below (I'll save you the effort - it was 4:12 am - what are the chances of that - well I'll tell you - 1 in 720). I'll post pictures soon.
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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Coming Soon

I am getting ready for my trip to the hospital. I thought it was time to create my own website. My brother Jake still has his stuff at www.JacobTy.com. We have also now created a site at www.JakeAndCody.com where we will post most of our updates. We figure this will be easier for friends and family to follow us both. But, we will also maintain our own personal stuff on our own personal sites. So, I'll see you soon.
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