Monday, September 3, 2007

I've Arrived and Life is Good

At 4:12 pm (local time) on Monday September 3rd I arrived at the Royal Hospital for Women (Those of us born here just call it "The Royal") in Sydney, Australia. I was 3015 grams and a half of a metre long. For you Americans - thats about 6 pounds, 10 ounces and almost 20 inches. Mum was awesome and we worked together to make it a very quick and easy delivery. They do things a lot different here than they do in the USA. Its that "no worries" attitude. They put me on my mum and let me lie there for a long time - we both fell asleep. Jake told me that with him - after a brief visit with my mumm they rushed him to the other side of the room for some Apgar Test and other stuff. I'm quite happy not taking any tests - mum says we need to study a lot for tests (dad said we could usually just wing it - I'll need to figure that on out on my own when I get to school). I was a little disappointed about one thing - Dad says that in America babies come with hats - not here. Oh well... dad says he'll probably buy me a few baseball caps.
I just wanted to point out a few quick things about the timing of my birth before I take another nap and drink. Yesterday in Australia it was father's day - I planned that so that I could wait 365 days (next year is leap year) til I needed to get dad a gift, but now they tell me he tries to get away with celebrating both the US and Australian fathers days - is that legal? Another bit of irony - today was "labor" day in the US - mum planned that. With that said, I was born at 2:12 am New York Time - but if we go with California time - it was actually yesterday (September 2nd). If we move to California some day - when do I celebrate my birthday? The other amazing note - look at what time I made my "coming soon" post below (I'll save you the effort - it was 4:12 am - what are the chances of that - well I'll tell you - 1 in 720). I'll post pictures soon.
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Hi Cody- I'm your pink cousin Amy. You'll like me I find great presents for you and Jake and your cousin Mia. You're very cute--- I wish I didn't have to wait until next summer to meet you!
Liberal Lesbian Speaks, at September 4, 2007 1:16 PM  

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